Exhibition FÔLEGO, 2009


FÔLEGO/ BREATHING SPACE issues from a dialog between two artists, the architecture, the landscape and the surrounding socioeconomics of the Museum. Everything is combined at this exhibition that uses the gallery’s space with no interfering barriers.

Martha Niklaus uses the walls to reproduce the local celestial chart, with diminute stars formed by photos from her book of illustrated stories of fishes, baits and fishhooks – Histórias Ilustradas de “peixes, iscas e anzóis”. The book is a collection of human types the artist photographed for five years, in a criticism of classificatory processes. The books and spyglass that permit watching the stars in the constellations rest on two islands called Observatory. On a third island, called Capture, visitors may have their photos taken for inclusion in this collection.

Suely Farhi suggests the liquefaction of the floor by spreading theron buoys as bubbles of various sizes. The word lifesaver is used by the artist to translate the spirit of our age. And so a wordgame is expressed in the buoys and videos: Beuys and Buoys – Salt of Gifts, and Boys and Buoys – Live from day to day. To establish the exhibit’s relation with the street vendor’s activities that work around the Museum, the artist distributed t-shirts with her poem Paying Debts among them, emphasizing with humor the predominant informal economy as source of income in today’s society;

Pieter Brueghel the elder: Big Fish Eat Little Fish,1556. Pen on ink. Albertina, Vienna